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    Smart Booster Pro Apk + Mod 7.7 Latest With Auto Ram Download


    Smart Booster Pro Apk + Mod 7.7 Latest With Auto Ram Download

    Smart Booster Pro Apk Free download is the best optimization tool for smartphones and tablets. This is a very fantastic app for android users. The best thing about this app is small in size. Its widget is easily configurable. It is so simple and easy to use. Smart Booster Apk is one click to RAMboost. There are a lot of Android devices in the market but most of them have limited memory.

    App Booster Pro is a Brilliant app for android, you can download it from here and get lots of boosts. Smart Booster pro is available on cracked files with a serial key most beautiful part of this app is a small, configurable widget that places on top of any app and one-click to RAM boost. Recommended by AddictiveTips. Most Android devices bundle with limited memory.
    Smart Booster Pro Apk Rexdl can provide you Android task manager will selectively kill low-priority tasks to reserve memory to higher priority task. That’s not always run at an appropriate time, causing low responsive apps, lagging, especially when you launch a new app after heavily browsing web pages. It causes a worse experience.

    Smart Booster Apk

    Auto Ram Booster Mod Apk

    Android task manager kills the low-priority task to give memory to high-priority tasks. This is good but not for every time. And Tap booster Pro doesn’t also work at an appropriate time. Due to this, it causes a low response to the Apps. It occurs especially when you launch a new app after heavily browsing web pages. This may cause the low speed of launching of that app.

    Smart Booster Pro Apk ( Smart RAM Booster) Cracked ad-free version is a must-have app on every Android device. The Smart Booster Pro Apk helps you in cleaning the cache of your smartphones, boosting RAM, managing apps and memory on your device. Smart Booster Pro comes with other premium features and is a highly recommended app for each Android user.

    Auto Ram Booster Pro Apk

    Functions of Auto Ram Booster Pro Apk:

    On the other hand, its functions are to develop amazing highlights to enhance the gaming experience. Similarly, it boosts up your system and devices with its powerful options. In other words, not only the performance but this will also provide system tweaking, monitoring, and checking in temps and the game FPS through one click.

    Henceforth, it not only can act as the RAM cleaner but FPS Cleaner too. In addition, it acts as the manager of system startup items. On the other hand, just click the boost-up option and it is a quick one and performs all wanted functions. However, it also releases more space and system resources, disables the startup item, cleans up RAM, and more. Therefore, when Booster Apk Pro is all done, the frame rate must be enhanced. And the game Booster should always keep the FPS values high as compared to the other and it should be more than 60 along with the ordinary temperature.

    Smart Booster APK free download comes with auto-boost in 4 levels i.e. aggressive, strong, medium, and gentle.

    Auto Ram Booster Pro Apk

    1. Aggressive: In this level, it kills most of the low-priority apps and boosts the RAM.
    2. Strong: This level kills those apps that are a low priority as well as those apps also which consume lightly below an “average”.
    3. Medium: Those apps that consume memory above an “average”, kills in this level.
    4. Gentle: It kills only those apps that use considerable memory.

    Key Features of Booster Apk Pro:

    Fast cache cleaner

    There is a One-click to clean the cache which boosts the speed. It also shows the details of the internal cache and external cache. You can select the apps that use the most cache and clean them.

    Quick SD Card cleaner

    Smart memory Booster shows SD card partition. It scans for junk folders, orphaned files, and big files. This also notifies the user when the storage memory is getting low.  It is a nice photo and music cleaner also.

    Advanced application manager

    Smart app Booster can make the backup of your files easy. Smart Booster Pro APK Crack Full Version Free Download also uninstalls the unused apps for saving space. App2SD option recommends you’re to move your apps from mobile memory to SD card.

    Auto Ram Booster Pro Apk

    It hibernates those apps which are rarely used to save the battery. It manages the backup (.APK) files also. And it also disables the system apps which are not in use.

    How to use Crack?

      • Firstly, download this app from the link.
      • After installation, don’t run this boost app.
      • Copy the crack file and paste it into the folder where it is installed.
      • Now run Smart memory booster pro from icon. Finally, you have activated your product.

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